Podcast: The Mobility Revolution with Lukas Neckermann

Clearing up two misconceptions:

  1. Mobility is its own industry. It is not derived from automotive or other industries.  It aggregates and builds.
  2. Mobility is not about tech, not about electrification, robotics, or sharing.  Mobility is about people.

Lukas Neckermann, interviewed by PetrolPlaza (or now: Mobility Plaza)

“The mobility revolution, characterized by technological innovation, sustainability imperatives, and changing consumer behaviors, is reshaping how people and goods move across the globe. From the bustling streets of metropolises to the quiet lanes of suburban neighborhoods, the winds of change are palpable, heralding a new era in mobility.

“The mobility shift is greater than people ever imagined 10 years ago. Mobility is an industry – it’s much more than we are used to. We come from a world that is automobile-dominated with services around it, including filling stations. Mobility is about people.”

“Governments have always nudged people. After a century of subsidizing the extraction of oil, we now subsidize people and companies towards providing the infrastructure, and making the choice of a cleaner technology. Ultimately it comes down to the consumer to make that choice, and they are making it”.


In line with the readership of Mobility Plaza, we contributed a few thoughts on the relevance of mobility for service stations:

“The role of service stations will depend on their location. In urban areas, they can evolve to become centers of mobility where people decide to spend time. That creates opportunities for forecourts.”

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Text summary from Mobility Plaza.