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A must-read for anyone interested in the future of the automobile industry, our cities, and the way we live. This book coins the term ‘Mobility Revolution’ and is a summary of the ‘three zeroes’ that are defining the future for the automobile industry: Zero Emissions, Zero Accidents and Zero Ownership. Electric, autonomous and shared vehicles are transforming the way we live, work, and move about in our increasingly urban environment. The impact goes well beyond the automotive industry and its suppliers. Public transport, utilities, construction, logistics, financial services companies and even your local café will need to think and operate differently. The magnitude of the change is as significant as Gottlieb Daimler and Henry Ford’s transformation of our cities 130 years ago, when cars replaced horses. Lukas Neckermann describes a revolution that is coming much sooner than we think. Based on countless interviews, ‘The Mobility Revolution’ is highly current and thoroughly researched, whilst also fun to read. It is an eye-opener to a new world that awaits us.

If you’ve heard about the Mobility Revolution, this is the book that defined it.

Excerpts from the book that coined the term “Mobility Revolution”

Bicycles in the Mobility Revolution

Strangely, the bicycle still seems unfashionable as a third mode of transport in most cities.  Uber and its clones provide a ‘third mode’ of transportation for city-dwellers – between walking and taking one’s own car. → read more

Seamless Mobility, or the Rise in Mobility-as-a-Service?

An on-demand sharing-economy project is in progress in the Finnish capital  Helsinki, where a plan to transform the public transport system is due for completion in 2025.  The city wants to create a public-transport network based entirely around ‘mobility on demand’, reducing the need to own cars and revolutionizing traditional scheduled public transportation. → read more


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