Being Driven 2023: Attitudes on autonomous mobility

Three-quarters of the UK public are not yet comfortable with vehicles at the highest levels of autonomy.

Alongside our colleagues at 7th Sense Research, in August 2023 we again surveyed 3,000+ people in the UK on attitudes toward autonomous and shared mobility.  Our research shows little progress since the original “Being Driven” report.

Among the most comprehensive studies of its kind in 2019, it has since been replicated by researchers and consultancies across Europe and
the US; unsurprisingly the results have been similar. There is still a considerable apprehension in the adoption of autonomous mobility in society. The resistance varies – from a fear that autonomous vehicles might not be safe for all road users, to a loss of control. Concerns about liability, data privacy and hacking also haven’t abated.

Efforts to educate and to communicate on the benefits of self-driving technology need to be stepped up in order for highly automated mobility to become a reality. This – among many other reasons – is why Neckermann Strategic Advisors was the initiator and co-founder of PAVE Europe.

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