Home, Work, and Mobility

Home, Work, and Mobility – eBook released

The ‘reset’ from Covid-19 will lead to fundamental changes related to how we get to work and play. Beyond these aspects, our lifestyles, our place of work, even our homes are transforming before our very eyes.

Many of the factors making up the Mobility Revolution have been accelerated during the pandemic resulting in changes for related industries such as finance, energy and real estate.

Remote working, sustainability, and user behaviour changes are pushing real estate developers to rethink what residential and commercial developments should look like to accommodate new transport and working habits.

In the ebook “Home, Work, and Mobility” released by the Arval Mobility Observatory, we are guiding you through this fascinating world of bricks, people, and mobility through four chapters of content. Each offers exclusive interviews with leading experts sharing their unique insights.

We are proud and thrilled of the fruits from this collaboration and we hope you will find useful insights.

Please have a look at the webinar with Lukas introducing the main takeaways of this ebook and download the document here.