Thought leadership on The Mobility Revolution, by Lukas Neckermann

Apple iCar: Designed in California, Manufactured by Foxconn (January 2015) – a speculative piece on value-chain disruption in the automobile industry. Read by over 120,000 people

The Mobility Revolution and the Automobile Industry (May 2015) – we coined the term, “The Mobility Revolution”.  Here’s a summary of its impact on the automobile industry

There Zeroes that will change your life (June 2015) – exploring the impact of “The Mobility Revolution” on various other industries, including financial services, city infrastructure and fast-food

Wireless Charging: Enabling autonomous car-sharing and long-range electromobility (September 2015) – the missing link that will expedite roll-out of new mobility

Electric Vehicles (October 2015, Move-Forward) – a look on why electric vehicles present a significant opportunity for companies and infrastructure

COP21 and the power of cities (December 2015) – on why cities have the greatest power to impact climate change

On-demand and autonomous (February 2016, Move-Forward) – Millennials, robots, Uber, AI and the transformation of work

New brands emerge as we approach the end of driving and ownership (March 2016) – our signature thought-piece on brand-loyalty in the age of mobility

From Company Cars to Corporate Mobility (June 2016, Fleet Europe)

Utility Mobility or Sheer Driving Pleasure (July 2016)

The Mobility Revolution: Electrification, Robotics and On-Demand Consumption (July 2016, The Seaside Times)


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@drivingmzstacey No. Of all the ironies, one panel was "Innovation, Digitalisation, Customer Focus".
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If you live in a city, how much range would a BEV need to have for you to replace your primary ICE car? #ZeroEmissions #EV #ElectricCar
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So... a conference organiser insisting the "fastest way to reach us" is by fax. Have I missed a retro trend?
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