Thought leadership on The Mobility Revolution, by Lukas Neckermann

Apple iCar: Designed in California, Manufactured by Foxconn (January 2015) – a speculative piece on value-chain disruption in the automobile industry. Read by over 120,000 people

The Mobility Revolution and the Automobile Industry (May 2015) – we coined the term, “The Mobility Revolution”.  Here’s a summary of its impact on the automobile industry

There Zeroes that will change your life (June 2015) – exploring the impact of “The Mobility Revolution” on various other industries, including financial services, city infrastructure and fast-food

Wireless Charging: Enabling autonomous car-sharing and long-range electromobility (September 2015) – the missing link that will expedite roll-out of new mobility

Electric Vehicles (October 2015, Move-Forward) – a look on why electric vehicles present a significant opportunity for companies and infrastructure

COP21 and the power of cities (December 2015) – on why cities have the greatest power to impact climate change

On-demand and autonomous (February 2016, Move-Forward) – Millennials, robots, Uber, AI and the transformation of work

New brands emerge as we approach the end of driving and ownership (March 2016) – our signature thought-piece on brand-loyalty in the age of mobility

From Company Cars to Corporate Mobility (June 2016, Fleet Europe)

Utility Mobility or Sheer Driving Pleasure (July 2016)

The Mobility Revolution: Electrification, Robotics and On-Demand Consumption (July 2016, The Seaside Times)

Mobility-as-a-Service: Moving beyond urban transport (September 2016)

From Fleet Manager to Mobility Manager (February 2017)

Smart Cities, Smart Companies, and the Future of Work (June 2017) Five questions for… Gabriel Scheer, Advisor on Urban Mobility and Sustainability

Smart Mobility: The circulatory system that keeps our urban heart beating (June 2017)

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